This product variation is integrated into existing systems enabling them to be managed as economically as possible. A][Rail Economy allows servicing and maintenance tasks to be conducted with maximum efficiency. The integration of high-tech components increases flexibility, since individual components can be replaced with ease.

The benefits:

The endless rail is both precise and environmentally friendly. A][Rail Infinity demonstrates excellent running characteristics and improves the performance of power rail systems. Furthermore, all of the components used can later be separated into single materials for 100% effective recycling.

The benefits:
Powerlines has developed three rail cross-sections with different current load capacities the range of requirements expressed by customers. All three rail types offer the same economical and technical benefits.

Plastic covers – Supreme safety and protection

As protection against accidental contacts, the power rails are covered with non-conductive covers. These covers are delivered ideally shaped for exposed sections of track and tunnel sections. The cover is made of UPVC or GRP, depending on where it is to be installed, and on the element to be covered.

UPVC covers:
GRP covers:

Large cover board
  • No special parts for expansion joints and ramps
  • Single height for the cover along its entire length
  • Clicks into place without screws or rivets
Small cover board
  • Special parts for expansion joints and ramps
  • Made-to-fit
  • Clicks into place without screws or rivets