Your faith in our experience

Our customers benefit from the decades of international experience we have amassed in the electrification of rail systems. We guarantee absolute precision and supreme quality, while making sure the time required to complete the project is kept to a minimum. Our installation teams are made up of expert engineers, familiar with the broad range of requirements encountered working on a vast array of systems in countries right across Europe.

Every service from a single source
The customer receives catenary systems and components in compliance with international norms –all from a single source. Powerlines is an A-Z supplier and provides a full spectrum of services from consulting and planning, delivery and installation, through to the final inspection, commissioning and servicing of a system. Customers profit from the regional structure of the group, and the familiarity of local specialists with the specific challenges posed in the area.

Reliable, fast and safe installation
Our installation teams have a wealth of experience, have worked on a wide range of international projects and are familiar with a broad spectrum of challenges. Powerlines engineers work in all weather conditions, within short blocking periods and also “under rolling wheels”. Work safety is always given utmost priority. Customers receive all their services and products from a single source – from mast earthing to test runs. Our masts can also be installed using special methods, such as helicopter positioning, as well as the erection of various other types of masts and the mounting of all kinds of cantilevers. We install a whole range of overhead power lines, from the various types of single OHLs and overhead catenary systems, to ceiling-mounted conductor rails and custom-built structures – as required for lifting bridges for example. Our teams also lay feeder and reinforcement lines, voltage cables for local control facilities, return conductor wires, mast circuit breakers, section insulators, and provide countless other solutions. Whether an overhead catenary for turntables is required or a transition from ceiling-mounted power rails to catenary wires, we provide customers with ideal customised solutions for every situation.